• I began working with Jeanette during a time of transition and uncertainty in my life. I had just left a six figure income job to launch my own company. I was a mess. Just to hear Jeanette’s voice comforted me, because I knew that behind her words was a sincere belief in me and my ability to succeed. I think this was the most powerful part of my coaching experience - Her belief in me. Jeanette created a calm and positive environment that allowed me to express my feelings, create and move forward with my ideas. Jeanette was my inspiration during a challenging time in my life. I will always remember her kindness.

            Karen, Thousand Oaks , CA

  • I have had the pleasure of coaching Jeanette and know that she places a high value on continuing to receive coaching for herself. She seeks to better herself not only for her own self, but so that she can be an excellent coach for her clients. "

          Ray, New Hampshire

  • Jeanette was supportive, caring and helped guide me in seeing my strengths/skills and how they could be applied. She created a safe, comfortable and trusting environment for me to share my thoughts. I appreciated her great sense of humor which definitely made it easier to discuss difficult issues. There was never any sense of judgment and she always helped me to see the positive. Jeanette's suggestions of field work were helpful and gave me a starting point to further my reflections and deepen my understandings between sessions. I also felt that if I had wanted to touch base between sessions she would be there to help. Thank you very much for making the coaching process a positive experience for me Jeanette.

          Deb, Canada

  • I am fortunate to have had Jeanette as my peer coach at the ICoachAcademy. It is difficult to put in words how wonderful Jeanette positively ‘manages’ the complexity of issues, thoughts, feelings etc. that are discussed during a coaching call. Jeanette creates a warm, inspiring and supportive atmosphere in which she asks the right questions to help you see things from different angles. Jeanette is positive and enthusing. She has the ability to help you see the strengths in yourself and be inspired to move forward to reach your goals.

            Kaki, Amsterdam, Europe.

  • It has been a true gift to know Jeanette and experience her warm, compassionate style of coaching. We have worked together on business goals, personal goals and every issue in between! No matter what the content, Jeanette always provides a kind, caring presence that allows me to feel totally at ease! I love her authenticity and humor which continually motivate me to believe in myself and explore the possibilities!

          Lachele, Colorado

  • I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to Jeanette and her coaching program. She came into my life in a time of heartache and confusion and she was such a positive, guiding force that really helped me gain direction and clarity. Sometimes it was just the comfort of knowing I would get a pep talk or just have someone to talk to on a regular basis that really helped me keep plugging away. Jeanette is a completely genuine, caring, and encouraging person. And you can really tell that she loves to help people grow and evolve into the person that they desire to be. I think that people’s reasons for wanting a life coach will differ and so will their experiences, but I feel strongly that there is no goal too small or too big for her to help put into play in your life.

         Malia, Colorado