Policies and Procedures:

Our coaching agreement or contract is an “at-will” alliance and we both reserve the right to terminate this partnership at any time. All actions and decisions are yours and you alone are responsible for the results of these choices. As your coach, I will encourage, motivate, guide and help you achieve your successes. The real work is yours: how far you go and how fast you get there is up to you. I offer coaching by phone, Skype, and in person if we are both local. I like to keep in touch via e-mail to support my clients if need be but do not provide Internet coaching at this time.

Generally I have clients call me, but am flexible to clients needs. I want to be available for you should you get “stuck” or are trying to break through an issue. I’ll do my best to be available. I ask that we keep these calls to 10-15 minutes. An e-mail is also accepted during these times. I will try to respond within 24 hours. It’s a great way to announce wins and accomplishments between sessions or a needed word of encouragement.

My coaching hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm. Each session is 45 minutes. I coach on a four week cycle, one session each week or four weeks. I accept checks or cash and payment is due before first session of the month. Please use the "contact me" page or phone me @ 303-710-5943 for fee information.

Refund Policy

If you cease coaching before the end of a cycle, you receive a pro rated refund. 

Reschedule Policy

I commit to respect you and your time and expect the same from you. In the event that you need to change or cancel a scheduled session, I require 24-hour notice. In turn, I will extend the same courtesy to you, should I ever have to reschedule or change a session. It is also expected that we be prompt for our sessions.


Trust is essential in building this strong alliance. I guarantee that everything you share with me will remain in complete confidence. In the case that I would like to share your information with others, I would seek written permission from you. I do reserve the right to act if I feel your safety or those around you are in jeopardy.


I love referrals. With the personal nature of this alliance, being referred is one of the greatest compliments I could receive from you. If you refer someone and they enter into a coaching agreement, you will receive a bonus session for a free.